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Retrowalk #33 : A walk thru the Brands & Bungalows !

September 20, 2016

Over the last two decades or so, Khader Nawaz Khan Road once occupied solely by large bungalows with pretty gardens, has become the city’s corridor of high fashion and posh eateries.
Luxury is not new to the road – the man after whom it is named, Khader Nawaz Khan, was a noble in the court of Umdat-ul-Umrah, son of the Nawab of Arcot. As he was a confidential servant of high rank, the land was probably settled on him. 
It’s a wonderful opportunity to get the street shots with aristocratic background right from origin to finish line.

Come & Join the walk.

Starting Point         : Near Feather Lite Showroom, Haddows Road, Nungambakkam.

Date & Time            : 25th September’16 @ 06:15 am

Route                  :

For any details Contact Kumaravel P @ 8939572638

Madras Day Walks – 2016

August 8, 2016


In the not-so-distant past, Valluvarkottam High Road was called Village Road. For much of its length, it runs along the old village of Nungambakkam. Of that village there is no trace until you come to a small Shiva temple with a large tank fronting it. Standing there, it is just about possible to imagine Nungambakkam’s rural past.

So welcoming the madras week ahead, we shall start at Valluvar Kottam and walk down Village road into the crowded, colourful and pretty ancient Nungambakkam Market. We will end the walk at the corner of Village Road and Nungambakkam High Road.

Major Attractions :

1. Valluvar Kottam

2. Agatheeswarar Temple & the tank

3. Commercial Area’s of Nungambakkam

4. Independance Day Park

Route :

Meeting/Starting Point : Valluvar Kottam Main Entrance

Date : 14th August’16, Sunday.

Time : 6:15am

Note :

1.Park your vehicle on the sides of the road.

2.No need for Registrations, just land up at the Starting Point at the mentioned date/time.

3.Call in case of any difficulty in locating the group…Aswin @ 9710060463


Madras Day Walk #2 (Photowalk #102) : Explore the Industrial Madras

Industrialization & the city to be witnessed & chronicled at the Guindy Estate.

We will come across the Manufacturing units, Lathe & Welding Units to the current IT Parks in the Industrial Estate.

Route :
Day : Saturday, 27th Aug’16
Time : 4pm
Starting Point : Near CIPET Main Gate

Note :

1.Park your vehicle on the sides of the road.

2.No need for Registrations, just land up at the Starting Point at the mentioned date/time.

3.Call in case of any difficulty in locating the group…Ram @ 9444062684

Eco Walk – Korattur Eri, Walk #101

July 21, 2016

Chennaites can soon enjoy boat rides in Korattur Lake and see two picturesque islands — the entire lake is undergoing a transformation under an eco-tourism project. The lake, which is currently a hotspot for fisherfolk and joggers, is likely to emerge as a tourism attraction by September this year, according to a Water Resources Department.

Let’s check the amazing, road that splits the lake & the railway track. Look for the birds, Click the small islands in this 680 acre waterbody, that’s getting transformed.

Date, Day : 24th Jul’16, Sunday.
Start Time : 6 am (If it gets late the misty morning lake shots might be missed) – Might not wait beyond 5-10 minutes delay.
Starting Point : Korattur Railway Station.
Location Map :

Note : 1) Preferred mode of transport could be Local Trains 2) If coming by own vehicle you could approach the station from Padi – Korattur side or If coming via Inner Ring road then Via Mohan Garden (but be ready to navigate small lanes/streets) or Can come via the Karukku Main road / Bridge and take a U Turn below the bridge and catch the road. 3) Parking at bye-lanes of the station as a Road under bridge work is going on. 4) Call Ram 9444062684 if you need some help, but before the starting time. 5) Keep a Telephoto / Zoom lenses handy.

Retro Walk #31 : Avenue’s of Harrington

July 6, 2016

Trace the history of Harrington Road, The lanes of Harrington, MCC School, Chinmaya, Seva Sadan & Lady Andal along the Avenue tree’s of Harrington Road.

Starting Point & Time : Park adjacent to Shopper’s Stop, Harrington Road. 6:30 am.

Route :

Date : 10th July’16, Sunday.

Some History :

1. Takes its name from William Harrington, who in 1784 joined the civil service and in 1796 received a grant of 10 acres to the south of the Spur Tank.

2. In 1877, the school got its present name “MADRAS CHRISTIAN COLLEGE”. The school grew so much in strength and reputation, as to never lose them again. The curriculum was updated and made more comprehensive. NAPIER GARDEN IN CHETPET In course of time, it became clear that the school should move to a larger, quieter and healthier site and the effort to move the school to a new locale was intensified by MR. KURUVILLA JACOB who became the Head Master in 1931. The present site at Chetpet, then called NAPIER GARDEN was purchased and the school moved into the newly constructed building in the year 1950.

3. The Madras Seva Sadan was founded in 1928 by Sir & Lady M. Venkatasubba Rao with their personal initial contribution of Rs. 10,000/- and further contributions on a continuous basis. Sir M. Venkatasubba Rao was the Founder-President and Lady M. Venkatasubba Rao was the Founder Honorary General Secretary and Treasurer.

4. The Vidyalaya marked its beginning with a meagre strength of 30 students at 13th Avenue Harrington Road, on 20th October 1968. The Vidyalaya has progressed remarkably and the primary section Occupies a well designed block at No. 17th , Harrington Road. The High School building located on a 20 ground plot at No 9B, Taylors Road, houses classes IV to XII. The school as grown tremendously over the years and has now got a strength of 2137 students and 95 teachers.

5. The area Chetput/Chetpet is named after Namperumal Chettiar, the building contractor and philanthropist who lived in the mid 19th century.

Walk led by Kumar @ 8939572638

Statues on Marina : Walk #100

June 22, 2016

Visit / Click the 18+ statues of the Marina this Sunday (26th June’16) sharp 6 am.

Starting Point : Gandhi Statue

Route :

Statues of the Marina :

Note : 1) Parking should be available at the beach 2) No registrations, Just land up at the date / time / starting point as mentioned 3) Just in case (you should be really new to the city) you’re lost call Ram 9444062684.

Keep checking the announcements in the FB Group / Blog / G+ / FB Page on 27th Monday by noon.

30th Retro-walk – Villivakkam

June 8, 2016

According to legend, two demons, ‘Ilvalan’ and ‘Vatapi’, who were born to Sage Dhurva and Aswamukhi, tortured the entire world and killed many innocent people. One of the demons used to take the shape of a fruit and the other used to offer it to some innocent passer-by and after he consumed it, the demon would come out by tearing his stomach. It was left to Sage Agasthya to kill these demons with his mystic powers. It was here that the slaying of the demons took place and as a result the place came to be known as Konnur in times of yore.
It got the name of Villivakkam much later which has its own bearing – that Sage Agasthya planted a “Vilvam” plant (which has got medicinal and spiritual healing power) and hence the name.

1) 500 Year Old Agatheeswarar Temple & its Angaraka Theertham
2) 500 Year Old Soumya Damodara Perumal Temple & its Amirtha Pushkarni Theertham
3) Villivakkam Fish & Vegetable Market
and other interesting streets of the Largest Assembly Constituency of Tamilnadu.

Starting Point : Temple of Agatheeswarar Temple (very close to the Villivakkam Bus Stand)
Time : 06:15 am
Date : 12 Jun’16, Sunday
Route :

Note : 1) No need for Registrations, Just land up at the starting point at the appointed time 2) Call Ram @ 9444062684 if you’ve lost your way 3) Parking should be available near the temple.

Bird Watch? Walk #99

May 19, 2016

Yes, lets hit the Pallikaranai Marsh lands & spot a few birds.

Starting Point : Chennai One Towers @ Pallikaranai – Thoraipakkam Road.
Google Location :
Date : 22May’16
Time : SHARP 615am.

Walk led by Mr Velachery Balasubramanian (98843 49584)

Parking : By the side’s of the same road.

P.s.: > Pray & come for two things 1) Birds should be there 2) Shouldn’t rain.
> Carry your tripod preferably & your long lens’s.