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Retro Walk #29 : Otteri

May 5, 2016

Walk amidst the Strahans Road, Buckingham & Carnatic Mills Compounds, Jamalia – where the salvaged Door / Windows are on sale, Telugu Baptist Church with an old world charm and more such sights.

Date : 8May’16, Sunday.
Time : 615 am
Route :
Starting Point : In front of B&C (Binny Mills) Union Office (Diagonally Opp Mahalakshmi Theatre) at Strahans Road.

Note : 1) Try parking in Cooks Road & walk down 2) No need for registrations 3) If lost your way call Walk Leader Balaji at 99625 15330

Walk #98 : Cricket, Books & Partha

April 21, 2016

Spots : MAC Stadium Periphery, Victoria Hostel, Kosha Hospital, Partha’s abode.

Date : 24Apr’16, Sunday
Time : 615 am
Route :
Starting Point : Parthasarathy Temple, Triplicane.

Note : 1) Try parking near Triplicane MRTS Station & walk down 2) No need for registrations 3) If lost your way call me at 9444062684.

Retro Walk #28, Purasai

April 7, 2016

Lets revisit Purasai, Gangadeeswarar, Vellala Street, Tana Street, Welcome Hotel (idli – Sambar), House of Writer Savi, Pulavar Mandram and other sights of this old Madras.

Date : 10thApr’16, Sunday
Time : 615am
Route :

Starting Point : Garden MadharSha (Purasawalkam High Road – Vellala Street Junction)

Note : 1) Try parking near Millers Road or Gangadeeswarar Koil Street 2) No need for registrations 3) If lost your way call Kumar 8939572638

Easter Sunday, Walk #97

March 24, 2016

Check out the various churches of Broadway, Iconic Broadway & Murugan Talkies (or what’s left of them) all this Easter.

Date : 27Mar’16, Sunday.
Time : 6 am (yes its 6 am)
Route :

Starting Point : Bharathi Arts College (junction of Broadway – Prakasam Road, Old Jail Road, MC Road)

Note : 1) Try parking near Maadi Poonga or Near Stanley. 2) No need for registrations 3) If lost your way call me at 9444062684.

Retro Walk #27, Veteran Lines, Pallavaram

March 10, 2016

Pallavaram (originally Pallavapuram, [பல்லவபுரம்]) derives its name from Pallava dynasty settlement during 7th century by Pallava king Mahendravarman. Pallavaram is considered to be one of the oldest inhabited places dating back to Paleolithic Age, discovered by British archaeologist Robert Bruce Foote in the year 1864.

Veteran Lines, a famous Anglo-Indian locality in Pallavaram, was created for World World II veterans. After the end of British rule, they have taken up jobs in few of the earliest private sectors such as English Electric Company (then “Areva” and now “Alstom T And D India Limited”).

Saddleback roofs, arched windows, trellised porticos, spacious gardens, a lane separating every two houses, Veteran Lines in Pallavaram reflects facets of British architecture.

Let’s Walk and capture one of the oldest locality in Chennai.

Time : 6:30 AM
Date : Sunday, 13 Mar, 2016
Route :

Starting Point : In Front of St.Francis Xavier Church, Rajendra Prasad St, Pallavaram

Walk lead by Sundar @ 9952092257

Bachelor’s Paradise, Walk #96

February 26, 2016

Have you checked Perinba Vilas, SS Palace, Sri Murugan Mansion, Sri Vinayaga Mansion, S V Mansion and many more.

Check the Gangai Amman Koil, Christ Church, Puliyur Masjid, Sharadambal Temple.

Walk & Click along the multiple markets in Choolaimedu high road, that sell chicken to mutton to fresh vegetables to country medicine to temple supplies to much more.

In short walk in the “Choolaimedu High Road” and grasp the mini-city within Chennai.

Date / Time : 28Feb’16, Sunday / 630 am
Starting Point : Near Sharadambal Temple (this is on the Arcot Road, Opp Sekar Emporium & Near the Kodambakkam Bridge / Meenakshi College)
Route :

Note :

a) We might not be able to wait beyond 10 mts while starting, as the sun will be too bright towards the end of walk.

b) Parking is difficult in this stretch. Pls try and park 1) near Trustpuram or Liberty Theatre 2) Or also at the end point – Bridge (the Bridge on River Cooum) that goes to Chetpet 3) or at Sowrashtra Nagar (mid way in the walk route).

c) If you can’t decipher the google map or you have other challenges in reading signs to reach the place pls call me at 9444062684.

Retro Walk #26 : Bye lanes of IT Corridor

February 9, 2016

Walk by the lanes of the IT Companies, Technical Institutes, Fashion Schools, Health care institutes, Research Libraries.

You cross VHS, Roja Muthiah Library, TIDEL / Ramanujam IT Parks, CPT, NIFT et al.

Also you get to check & click the Contemporary art installations by the road side.

Date & Time : 14th February, 2016 & 630 am.
Day : Sunday
Starting Point : Madhya Kailash Temple Parking in OMR
Route :

Walk Lead by : Sundar (99520 92257) & Kumar ( 89395 72638)

Note : 1) Try & park the vehicles in the MRTS Station Opp to Madhya Kailash (Kasturba Nagar Station) 2) No need for registrations


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