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PhotoWalk #126 – Urban Oasis

July 11, 2018

Ranga Garden and all the thottam’s nearby, this place is the Greeeeen Thumb in the city.

Jasmines, Lady’s finger, Chillies, Greens and more cash crops are grown at this “Thottam” near Cowl Bazaar.

To top it, spot the flights taking off or landing in this background.

Date, Day, Time: 15th July’18, Sunday, 615 am.

Starting Point:

Walk Leader: Balaji (9962515330).

Points to be noted:
1) Please use google maps to locate the starting point, as the Walk Leader might not be able to help you in directions to a large extent in such a location.
2) Ask for the “entrance of the thottam” for directions, after you reach Anna Street or neighbourhood.
3) Carry some cloth bag with you, if there are any vegetables that you may want to buy that day from the farm directly, if its available.
4) Cars can’t go beyond the mud track, so more walk.


RetroWalk #48: Brahmapuri

July 6, 2018

Ayanavaram, Ayanpuram is the original name. Ayan means Brahma. When Lord Muruga admonished Brahma and took over the creation, it is believed that Brahma prayed to Lord Shiva and got his job back. It is believed that Lord Brahma worshipped Lord Shiva here. It is in recognition of that Ayanpuram is named. (It was also called Brahmapuri)

Date : 8July’18, Sunday.
Time : 630 am
Route :
Starting Point : Near Ayanavaram Bus Stand

Greenhills – PhotoWalk #125

June 15, 2018

Pachamalai is a hill behind Tambaram Sanatorium Hospital, Chennai. This hill is known as land of medicinal plants which also serves as a source for chitlapakkam lake. Locals generally frequent this place to enjoy nature, trek, and do yoga and meditation. Visitors generally find it as a great place to Hang out with friends or to visit the hill temple.

We have to climb around 150 steps to reach the hill top where kamanthika devi temple is situated. From here we can enjoy great aerial views of Tambaram, Chrompet, MEPZ, Chitalapakkam lake to name a few.

Apart from a Healthy Trekking and enjoying nature around, we can explore photographic opportunities including Nature, Macro, landscape and Street

Date & Time: 24th June’18, 6 am (yes)

Walk Starting point: – Foot hill of Pachamalai Near the Vinayagar Temple, which is 400-500 mtrs from Goverment Hospitals of Thoracic Medicines

Walk Leader: Arivannal (9840014409)

No need for registrations. Reach the starting point ON TIME. Parking in this track is possible.

PhotoWalk #124 : Suburbs of Greater Chennai – Keelakattalai

June 7, 2018

Experience the Dusty roads, New faces, Uzhavar Sandhai & Lake.

Date: 10th June’18, Sunday Time: 615 am

Route :

Starting Point: Kumaran Cinemas

Walk leader Vivek – 9047629591

Kolavai Lake Walk – PhotoWalk #123

May 18, 2018

Kolavai Lake

Kolavai Lake is a lake in Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu, India. The town of Chengalpattu lies at the southern end of the lake. It is located about 60 kilometres (37 mi) from Chennai, near to Paranur railway station and Chengalpattu Junction railway station. Due to water shortage in summer, Chennai water tankers are forced to collect water from the lake.

Starting Point:
Date: 20th May’18, Sunday, 5:15 am

Reach by 5:15 am at Pullipakkam Bus Stand. (park nearby) – Please plan 5 min extra for Toll Plaza waiting period.
We need to cross Railway Track and come to Pump House area.
There we can take picture of rising sun and some fish catching activities around.
After this – we will take our cars/bikes and take U-turn from Pullipakkam crossing (which is just 100 meter from bus stand) and come towards Chennai.
Take Right Turn and come to Mahindra City.
We will take pictures of Lake from opposite side of above point.
We will also take group picture here.
After this – If people like – they can take picture of Paranur Lake, which is near to Paranur Station… or temples near by… like Hygrevar temple / Football/ it is outside of Mahindra City limits.

Safety First:
Be very careful on GST road. It is notorious road in terms of number of accidents.
Be very vigilant while crossing Railway Track.
Be careful about snakes – do not panic if some creepy creature has bitten – mostly it is dry bite- they do not want to waste venom on Homo Sapience.

Please send an sms for your participation to Brij Mohan : 80986 95927 before Saturday evening.

PhotoWalk #122: Kilpauk and its Sylvan Surroundings

April 21, 2018

The sylvan avenue trees, the basketball indoor stadium, the Otteri Nala and more.

Date: 22nd April, Sunday
Time: 6 am(YES)

Starting Point: Near The Indian Bank ATM @ TP Chatram Road


Call me @ 9444062684 if you have lost your way, No registrations needed. Parking in the same road possible.

PhotoWalk #121 – Green Gandhi Nagar

March 16, 2018

The quaint trails of Gandhi Nagar, Adyar River Bank & Bye-Lanes.

Date: 18th March, 2018, Sunday

Time: 615 am


Starting Point: Aavin (Dr Muthulakshmi Park) Park

No need for registrations. Find your own parking space. Reach me (9444062684) if you have lost the way.