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26th Chennai Photowalk … some tips

December 12, 2009

A message from Vatsan …..

Hi All,
The kind soul that Vincent D Souza is, the organiser of the Mylapore Festival has arranged 7 houses for us to visit but he though has some guidelines for us to not get thrown out of the houses.

Firstly, we should go to the houses in small groups, since we dont want to be seen as taking over the houses.

Second, all of these houses have people living in them, so it pays to be polite and courteous to them. Some houses will have old people who might be unwell, in that case please respect them and their space.

Third, these people have allowed us to shoot their homes, despite that they might have issues with us entering some spaces within their homes so lets not barge, but ask for permission before entering typically touchy spaces like the kitchen/bedroom etc. and also venturing away from the room/space the owner lead us into first.

Please please be polite, if they get pissed off, we get thrown out. Please keep that in mind.

And we meet at 7 am near the 16 pillar mandapam of Kapali Kovil on Sunday 13th Dec’09.

if your lost/clueless/or have questions contact me on 9444999456 or 9500070176 or


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