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Photowalk, #36

December 8, 2010

Cut and paste from Chandrachoodan’s announcement :-

The thirtysixth Chennai PhotoWalk

Well, what do you know. It is the prodigal son’s return to planning and organising the Chennai PhotoWalks. Rejoice. And kill the goat. Set the table.
This month, December 2010, is going to be special for the Chennai PhotoWalk. Not just because we’ve done 3 years of it, a walk everymonth except for September 2009. Not just because it’s now so big, other people are calling in and asking us to judge photo competitions and asking to buy photos off us. Not just because Chennai PhotoWalk is easily the best of the city’s heritage/history/art walks. Mainly because, well, I am back.

So, as a special treat, and because I am a sadist bastard that way, an extra long, superbly diverse walk this December.

The plan is we all assemble, Sunday 19th December 2010, at 10:30 AM at the Mylapore MRTS station. I don’t care how you get there or what you do before you get there. Just get to Mylapore MRTS station by 10:30 AM and wait for me.
I shall be there shortly after 10:31. We’ll all then get on the train, and go all the way across Madras, following for most parts the line of the coast, to reach Beach station. Along the way, we will spot lovely photo-worthy things, including the new Secretariat building in Triplicane, and the wonderfully empty Sunday-Morning Mount Road.

Once we reach Beach station, we alight, and then cross platforms to board the Tambaram bound train.
We take the Beach-Tambaram train, travel for about an hour, alighting at Tambaram station.
Now, the walky portion of the walk starts.
Around the station in Tambaram are some good little places. The MCC is good, and big. Pretty old too, all 360+ acres of it. Some lovely architecture and beautiful wooded campus. (Incidentally, my father studied at the MCC, and was captain of the Bishop Heber Hall hockey team) And outside the MCC, there is still good photo-ops, including a neat little market and some old houses not far off.

When we are all sated with photos from Tambaram, we board the train again, and go our separate ways, taking back lovely memories and the joy that comes with being in my company.
All good?

So, the plan

Sunday, 19th December 2010, 10:30 AM
Mylapore MRTS – Beach – Tambaram, via train
Tambaram and environs, walk.
And then home.

For directions, and for general pestering, call Vatsan at 944499945six/950007017six. TO bask in the life-giving warmth that is my voice, call 9884four6746three.

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