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Photowalk, #37

January 9, 2011


Yes, the announcement of the next walk by C.

In his own words,

Frankly, I am disappointed in me. I mean, what? 3 years of doing the photowalks here in Madras, and not once have I (nor Vatsan) hit upon the idea of a walk along the beach at night. If one walk wrote itself into the agenda, it would have been this. But no.
Well then, amends must be made. And plans as well.
So this month, January 2011, we shall walk along the beach. And some more. At night. Loads of bokehs and light play offer themselves, as does the horribly twisted, bio-mechanically wrong statue of Gandhi, the diminished-by-comparison statue of Kamarajar, Kannagi, Ouvvayar and others.
Before we go in to the route, a bit of background.
The Marina is oft-considered the second longest beach in the world. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. As the beach south of the Adayar is now almost entirely an independent entity, and a creation of the slums and fishing hamlet that split the coastline on either side of the Adayar.
Nevertheless, the lovely promenade that Mounstuart Elphinstone Grant-Duff, a governor of Madras, built for the beach was and remains a thing of beauty. Especially today after a recent facelift that’s given it shiny granite walkways and re-landscaped lawns. The name itself, Marina, comes from Elphinstone and his travels in Sicily.

Now then. To the walk.
The route is a, for very good reasons, long one this time.
We begin at Gandhi Statue, walk along the promenade up to Napier’s Bridge, turn right into Swamy Sivananda Salai following the contours of the Cooum and emerge on to Mount Road near the Chintadripettai Station/Simpson’s.
We begin this walk at dusk, give or take 10 minutes, on the Sunday, 23rd of January 2011.
Along the way, we shall stop to sample the delights of bajji sellers, chaat makers and the Aavin outlet near the Doordarshan office.

As always, for details and for directions, email me. Or call. Number is 988four4six746three

Sunday, 23rd January 2011, 6 PM, Gandhi Statue.

Now you know what to do this 23rd …..

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