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1st Retro-walk : Rayar Puram – Fire, Fish & Dargha

December 18, 2013


Starting Point: Fire Temple (Dar E Maher), West Madha Church Street

Date: Sunday, 22nd December 2013

Time: 06.30 am

Walk Leader : Muthusamy R / +91 94449 49507

A. Royapuram Railway station

In early 1850s the Madras Railway Company (MRC) took up the task of laying railway lines to connect the east and west coasts of India. The Railway line was thrown open in 1856, and Royapuram remained in full glory till opening of Central station in 1873. On December 17, 1875 when the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII visited the place.

B. Madha Church, St.Peters Church in West Madha Church Street

The church was built around 1799 by local residents. The area got its name Royapuram as St.Peter was referred in Tamil as “Rayappar’. The architecture of the church was a classic example of Strawberry hill gothic architecture.

C. Royapuram Oil Tankers West Madha Church Street & Arathoon Road Junction

Royapuram Oil tankers located near the church. Mr.Haji ir Ismail Sait brought kerosene oil for the first time to Chennai. Here only the Emden the war ship from Germany bombed the oil tankers in 1914 and caused colossal damage.

D. Misionary of Charity, West Madha Church Street

Missionaries of Charity. Opposite to the church there was a house belonging to Missionaries of Charity. Here Mother Terasa used to stay during her visits to the city.

E. Parsi Anjuman Bagh and Temple of Fire (Jal Phiroj Clubwala Dar-e-Meher). West Madha Church Street

F. Shrine of Hazarath Sheik Gunangudi Masthan Sahib Dargah, Pichandi Lane off Cemetry Road.

It is generally believed that Tondiarpet got its name from him, since he was believed to have come from Tondi (Sri Lanka). The shrine contains the resting place of the Sufi saint and it has a small subterranean chamber used by the saint for his meditations, the chamber was 4 to 5 feet below ground level.

G. RSRM (Raja Sir Ramasamy Mudaliar) Lying In Hospital, Cemetery Road

Opposite this park was Government RSRM (Raja Sir Ramasamy Mudaliar) Lying In Hospital, which is now managed by Stanley Medical College.

H. Anna Park Cemetery Road

I. Robinson Park, MC Road

Robinson Park (now called Arignar Anna Park). It was here on 17 September 1949 in front of a huge crowd that Former Tamil Nadu CM Thiru C.N.Annadurai along with other stalwarts founded DMK Party which changed Tamil Nadu State politics forever.

Route :,+West+Madha+Church+Street,+Tondiarpet,+Chennai,+Tamil+Nadu+to:13.108163,80.294672+to:BC+Press+Road,+Chetty+Thottam,+Royapuram,+Chennai,+Tamil+Nadu+to:13.1087294,80.2877091+to:Pichandi+Lane,+West+kalmandapam,+Old+Washermanpet,+Chennai,+Tamil+Nadu+to:RSRM+Hospital+Bus+Stop,+Cemetery+Road,+Minakshi+Ammanpet,+Old+Washermanpet,+Chennai,+Tamil+Nadu+to:Anna+Park,+Cemetery+Road,+Minakshi+Ammanpet,+Old+Washermanpet,+Chennai,+Tamil+Nadu+to:Robinson+Park,+Monegar+Choultry+Road,+Royapuram,+Chennai,+Tamil+Nadu&hl=en&sll=13.111225,80.29109&sspn=0.012288,0.018539&geocode=FcEYyAAd4TXJBA%3BFb4TyAAdFzPJBCENSmA2ZYLQXikHxX8NbG9SOjENSmA2ZYLQXg%3BFcMDyAAdEDPJBA%3BFQcCyAAd_i3JBCmdH2aQaW9SOjE5PqbDDCWRcw%3BFfkFyAAd3RfJBCk7ytSAaG9SOjEMtXdoxnyFfQ%3BFW0JyAAdCh7JBCkhHOrraG9SOjGY9V-jsKEVMQ%3BFe0FyAAd8BjJBCnDIPuHaG9SOjGWWR-mo2p2oQ%3BFWUDyAAdKxfJBCEzMSkPC0JbyykB9nbXZ29SOjEzMSkPC0Jbyw%3BFT0IyAAdfRbJBCEgGg3EySAXzimDbFAkZm9SOjEgGg3EySAXzg&dirflg=w&mra=dme&mrsp=0&sz=16&via=4&t=m&z=16

End Time: Approx 09.00 am.

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