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Walk #76 : Battle of Adyar

April 23, 2014

The Battle of Adyar (also the Battle of Adyar River) took place on 29 October 1746. The battle involved 300 men of the French East India Company, which had recently captured nearby Madras from the British, and a much larger force of 10,000 men belonging to Anwaruddin Muhammed Khan, the Nawab of the Carnatic, who sought to take Madras from the French. In the battle, which took place near the banks of the Adyar River, the French decisively defeated the larger Carnatic force, demonstrating the effectiveness of well-trained European forces in combating poorly trained Indian troops. This happened at the Quibble Island.

We’d cover the Creek, the Tholkappiar Poonga (Estuary), Road of Ministers (aka Greenways Rd aka DGS Dhinakaran Road & PS Kumarasami Raja Salai), Broadie’s Castle, End closer to the Vasant Vihar.

Date : 27/Apr/2014.
Time : 630 am (sharp) as the Sun’ll become stronger soon.
Meeting Point : In front of the Quibble Island Cemetry.

Route :

Pls find your respective parking spaces.

Call Ram : 9444062684 if you’re new to Chennai & Can’t access Google Maps to locate the starting Point.

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