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11th Retro-walk / Triplicane High Road

September 9, 2014

Retro-Walk #11 : Triplicane Police Station (which was the old Langar Khana) – Muhammedan Public Library – Wallajah Big Mosque – Star Talkies – Triplicane Post Office – Muslim Higher Secondary School – Hafiz Ahmed Khan Mosque.

Date: 14th September 2014. Time: 06.30 – 09.30 a.m

Meeting Point: Triplicane Police Station, Walaja Rd, Triplicane

Route :

Walk Leader : Muthusamy R

End Point : Dr Besant Road Junction.

Some History :-

1) Triplicane Police Station, Walaja Rd, Triplicane was the old Langar Khana (Horse chariot shed)

2) Muhammedan Public Library: Muhammadan Public Library was established by the last Nawab of the Carnatic Nawab Ghulam Mohammed Ghouse Khan Bahadur, who was a patron of the arts and literature. When the Nawab was residing at Chepauk Grand Palace (Kalas Mahal), he established the public library for the promotion of Urdu, Persian, Arabic and English language and literature besides science, history and mathematics. This historic, the 150-years plus library at Quai-de-Millath Road, Triplicane, Madras was reopened on Tuesday. Dec 20, 2005.

3) Wallajah (Big) Mosque: Built by Muhammed Ali Khan Wallajah, Nawab of Arcot in 1795 – one of the oldest mosque in the region. It is supposed to be bigger than Delhi Juma Masjid. This imposing structure exhibits the fusion of medieval Indian, Islamic and Iranian architectural styles. Built entirely of grey granite, it is unique as no wood or metal was used in construction. A chronogram engraved in stone. “It is unique as it is probably the only work by a Hindu in a mosque. The words in Persian were engraved by Rajah Makhan Lal Khirat, the private secretary to Nawab Wallajah.

4) Star Talikies: Star Talkies (Theatre) was built on Triplicane High Road in 1916.
Star Talkies screened the movie Kalidasa in1936. Until 1950 the talkies was leased by a Parsi family. Later the management was taken back by Venkataramanuja Naidu. The talkies had a seating capacity of 818 people. Initially only Hindi films were screened and after some time Tamil films were also screened. The theatre made provision for separate seating for purdah-clad women with screens kept around them. Later separate seating was discontinued. The last film we showed was Rajinikanth-starrer Basha, on February 29. 1995. This age old theatre has been set for demolition in March 2012.

5) Triplicane Post Office: One of the older POs of Chennai

6) Muslim Higher Secondary School: Muslim higher secondary school is one of the oldest schools of chennai, imparting quality education in English and Urudu to the minority community

7) Hafiz Ahmad Khan Mosque: Hafiz Ahmad Khan Mosque is a mosque situated in Quai-de-Millath Road, Ice House, Triplicane, Chennai. The mosque was constructed in 1818 by Hafiz Ahmad Khan, a Carnatic cloister official of Nawab of Arcot and adolescent brother of Bahram Jung who complete the Bahram Jung Mosque.

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  1. anzer permalink
    September 11, 2014 9:07 am

    How to join this.
    What lenses would you prefer.
    Where to assemble

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