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81st Photowalk – Get Stork Blessed

October 8, 2014

Mogappair was once Maga-p-Peru (meaning “blessed with a child”).
After persistent mispronunciation, the term “magapperu”, in course of time became “mogappair or mugappair” and became the name of the place.

The 650 years old temple, Of Srinivasa Sanathana Perumal, is very powerful to give the boon of a child (santhanam) which is called ‘Mahapperu’ in tamil and that’s how the place became Mugappair. The main deity Santhana Srinivasar is 9.5 feet high.

Once a pastoral village, Mogappair has turned into a vertically-enabled residential neighbourhood. It was once a sparsely populated back-of-beyond.
Today Mogappair is a burgeoning residential locality that is punctuated with apartment complexes. A beehive of construction activity, one can always see some promoter or the other breaking ground on a ‘vertical’ project in this north-western suburb.

The change has been phenomenal in Mogappair. Once cultivated lands stretched away endlessly, irrigated by Mogappair Eri, Mangal Eri, Nolambur Eri and Ambattur Eri. Though the locality was idyllic and scenic, some outsiders were reluctant to settle at Mogappair.
The coming of the Ambattur Industrial Estate changed the contours of Mogappair as also the images it evoked.

Lets walk past the “New developments” in this land of “blessed with a child”…

Date : 12Oct’14
Time : 06:30 am
Starting / Meeting Point : In front of Madras Medical Mission Hospital, Bazaar Road, Collector Nagar, Mogappair.
Route :

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