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A photo-walk along the historic township of Tirusulam

May 21, 2015

The township of Tirusulam has its origin in the Tiruppurasundari Tirusoolanathar temple which is believed to have been constructed in the 12th century AD by Kulothunga I. The walls of the temple have inscriptions from the Chola period. The temple has big historical mysteries behind the walls. There is a story of a hiding place for precious metals and jewelry beneath the earth, where a secret path is said to exist. Kulothunga I is said to have hidden treasures somewhere here, instead of inside the temple. There exists a subway under the temple that connects the temple to the nearby hills known as “Panchapandava’s Hills”, where the king had his palace.

This is the tallest hill in the city and has many places of worship. There is a Mosque at the top of the hill. On one side of the hill, there is a “Murugan Temple” – a temple to the Hindu God, Muruga. On another side of the hill is a Church.Tirusulam has a very big market (earlier called Pallavaram Market). It has hundreds of shops and roadside vendors, that have been in operation for more than 75 years. The market is now open on Fridays too.

STARTING POINT : Tirusulam railways station
Date : 24th May’15, Sunday


For further Queries contact walk leaders .

HARI (9962929206) & SIVA (9994482210)

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