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Retro Walk #27, Veteran Lines, Pallavaram

March 10, 2016

Pallavaram (originally Pallavapuram, [பல்லவபுரம்]) derives its name from Pallava dynasty settlement during 7th century by Pallava king Mahendravarman. Pallavaram is considered to be one of the oldest inhabited places dating back to Paleolithic Age, discovered by British archaeologist Robert Bruce Foote in the year 1864.

Veteran Lines, a famous Anglo-Indian locality in Pallavaram, was created for World World II veterans. After the end of British rule, they have taken up jobs in few of the earliest private sectors such as English Electric Company (then “Areva” and now “Alstom T And D India Limited”).

Saddleback roofs, arched windows, trellised porticos, spacious gardens, a lane separating every two houses, Veteran Lines in Pallavaram reflects facets of British architecture.

Let’s Walk and capture one of the oldest locality in Chennai.

Time : 6:30 AM
Date : Sunday, 13 Mar, 2016
Route :

Starting Point : In Front of St.Francis Xavier Church, Rajendra Prasad St, Pallavaram

Walk lead by Sundar @ 9952092257

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