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30th Retro-walk – Villivakkam

June 8, 2016

According to legend, two demons, ‘Ilvalan’ and ‘Vatapi’, who were born to Sage Dhurva and Aswamukhi, tortured the entire world and killed many innocent people. One of the demons used to take the shape of a fruit and the other used to offer it to some innocent passer-by and after he consumed it, the demon would come out by tearing his stomach. It was left to Sage Agasthya to kill these demons with his mystic powers. It was here that the slaying of the demons took place and as a result the place came to be known as Konnur in times of yore.
It got the name of Villivakkam much later which has its own bearing – that Sage Agasthya planted a “Vilvam” plant (which has got medicinal and spiritual healing power) and hence the name.

1) 500 Year Old Agatheeswarar Temple & its Angaraka Theertham
2) 500 Year Old Soumya Damodara Perumal Temple & its Amirtha Pushkarni Theertham
3) Villivakkam Fish & Vegetable Market
and other interesting streets of the Largest Assembly Constituency of Tamilnadu.

Starting Point : Temple of Agatheeswarar Temple (very close to the Villivakkam Bus Stand)
Time : 06:15 am
Date : 12 Jun’16, Sunday
Route :

Note : 1) No need for Registrations, Just land up at the starting point at the appointed time 2) Call Ram @ 9444062684 if you’ve lost your way 3) Parking should be available near the temple.

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