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Eco Walk – Korattur Eri, Walk #101

July 21, 2016

Chennaites can soon enjoy boat rides in Korattur Lake and see two picturesque islands — the entire lake is undergoing a transformation under an eco-tourism project. The lake, which is currently a hotspot for fisherfolk and joggers, is likely to emerge as a tourism attraction by September this year, according to a Water Resources Department.

Let’s check the amazing, road that splits the lake & the railway track. Look for the birds, Click the small islands in this 680 acre waterbody, that’s getting transformed.

Date, Day : 24th Jul’16, Sunday.
Start Time : 6 am (If it gets late the misty morning lake shots might be missed) – Might not wait beyond 5-10 minutes delay.
Starting Point : Korattur Railway Station.
Location Map :

Note : 1) Preferred mode of transport could be Local Trains 2) If coming by own vehicle you could approach the station from Padi – Korattur side or If coming via Inner Ring road then Via Mohan Garden (but be ready to navigate small lanes/streets) or Can come via the Karukku Main road / Bridge and take a U Turn below the bridge and catch the road. 3) Parking at bye-lanes of the station as a Road under bridge work is going on. 4) Call Ram 9444062684 if you need some help, but before the starting time. 5) Keep a Telephoto / Zoom lenses handy.

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