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Retrowalk #39: Kosai Nagar

March 24, 2017

Yes, this place finds mention in Thiruppugazh as Kosai Nagar, and was once called Kusa-Lava-Puri and later Koyambedu.

When the vegetable market moved from KothavalChavadi to its current location in Koyembedu, it was viewed as being outside the city and lacked the public transport connectivity of KothavalChavadi.

But now Koyembedu is a bustling with activity especially since the bus stand has moved there, and no one seems to be complaining about shifting the market there. The flower market in Koyembedu is a lovely place for a photowalk, and so the next one shall be there. It does not allow for the entry of sunlight and is almost entirely lit up by incandescent bulbs of various colours to make the flowers look good. The market is interesting for awesome low light portrait shots.

Date: March 26th 2017

Location: Meet outside the Main Entrance of the Flower Market

Time: The standard 6:30 Am

Note :

1.Park your vehicles at your convenient locations

2.No need for Registrations, just land up at the Starting Point at the mentioned date/time.

3.Incase anyone lands up at the vegetable market looking for photowalkers, call Ram @ 94440 62684 or Aswin @ 97100 60463

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