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Photowalk #110: Walk thru the Commercial Capital of Chennai

March 30, 2017

This Sunday let’s explore a locality which puts all other crowded places to shame…In fact, the so-called top 3 “crowded places in the world” put together would not be able to beat this place. Any guesses?

So here are the clues – 1) You throw a glass of water high up in the air, and not one drop hits the ground! What if every drop landed on a person? 2) Narrow strips of land, no longer than a quarter-mile and no wider than 40 feet holding over 450 shops and over 1.2 million people walk through it everyday….

Finally yes, it’s T.Nagar!!! Unofficially, the commercial capital of Chennai which covers 15% of the city’s retail sales everyday…

What would we be covering? – Everything with highlights this area! … fewto mention…

1. Siva Vishnu Temple
2. Ranganathan Street
3. Mambalam Railway station
4. The vegetable Market
5. Annai Sathya Bazar

Date: March 2nd April 2017
Time: The standard 6:30 Am

Starting Point: Main Entrance of Siva Vishnu Temple – Usman Road
Location on Map:

Note :
1.Park your vehicles at close to the starting point and away from tow zones.
2.No need for Registrations, just land up at the Starting Point at the mentioned date/time.
3.Call in case of any difficulty in locating the group… Arivannal @ 9840014409

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